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tv   KPIX 5 News Saturday Morning Edition  CBS  March 1, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PST

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shots are fired inside a bu san rafael restaurant. and now the search is on for the gunman walked in and opened new overnight, shots are fired inside a busy restaurant and now the search is on for the man that walked in opening fire. >> breaking news out of ukraine, why russia is asking permission to send military troops into the country. here in the bay area the rain continues to fall. it's saturday, march 1, i'm mark kelly. >> let's get a look at the weather first. >> yes, we have a pretty good storm center that is being the big coastline, spinning showers from the south to the north and fairly impressive north
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temperatures. boy, they are going to get punched in the next 90 minutes around the peninsula. so that's down in the south bay as you can see the showers for the rest. we just got a drizzle at this hour, but that will change over the next three to four hours, showers from time to time. up in the north bay, widespread light rain this morning. more for the way. we'll have what to expect this weekend as it will continue to look unsettled today with a complete forecast a few minutes from now. >> thank you. and it rained so hard over the past 24 hours. the roof collapsed under the weight of all the water as you can see workers covered that large hole with the tarp. the storm left behind a big
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mess in san francisco's mission district. the tree came down at around 7:00 last night in parts of the valley, turning into the lake. cars were stopped in their tracks. this is a low lying area as you can see a lot of storm runoff and high tides. well drivers also had to deal with flooding, but it's not because of the rain. how they brought copper to the standstill on highway 87. >> reporter: the runoff from highway 87 is flowing into the river tonight. hours after copper thieves tore out valuable wiring. traffic was backed up for hours at the underpass. anyone that has been delayed on 87 was a victim.
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today we were there as they hooked up a generator to the pump. these kinds of repairs and this sort of crime has become a $50 million problem statewide. >> that's $50 million that could have gone into filling potholes or doing other maintenance, so it is becoming more of a significant problem. >> reporter: the cost of copper has jumped 350% over the last five years. >> there is so much money right now that thieves are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to get it. >> to crack down on thieves who may be buying it, they are partnering with local police and businesses. developing news, police are searching for a suspect that walked up to a man inside a busy restaurant shooting him. officers got a call that
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someone had been shot inside the restaurant. they found the man shot several times. they are still on the loose this morning and police have not said anything about the motive yet. >> someone started an suv and stuck a brick on their accelerator letting the vehicle go. you are actually looking at the aftermath of that. it turns out they hit several parked cars before crashing into the garage of this home. they say that the crash shook the entire house. >> i heard the bang. i felt the bang and that's what woke me up. i remember hearing something that woke me up before that. and you know then i woke up and thought it was an earthquake at first, but it wasn't. >> people were asleep at the time of the crash, but they were able to get out safely as they struck the utility lines. firefighters had to evacuate three homes as they secured
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those lines. police are now investigating the crash. four men are under arrest after a freeway shooting that shut down highway 80. they said someone in a sedan fired five or six shots at an suv on thursday afternoon, hitting the food and windshield. it happened between interstate 238 and 164th avenue. a stray bullet hit a house near the freeway too. they narrowly missed being hit. >> and it was super close, he had an angel with him. the sheriff deputy spotted the suspicious car and called the chp who took the suspect into custody. six san francisco police officers are now facing easers federal charges. stealing drugs and money intended as use for evidence.
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more on the allegations that got them accused of being dirty cops. >> reporter: if found guilty, the officers face top 20 years in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. they told the federal court judge they're not guilty. the evidence against them, the video showing the undercover officers barging into rooms and allegedly intimidating and threatening suspects before stealing their computers, money, and other valuables. the case is weak because the cops are doing their jobs and a tough environment. and then you are dealing with the drug dealers and pimps and the scumbags that they have to deal with in this kind of assignment.
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they accuse the officer and another officer not in court today of stealing marijuana from evidence and telling informants to sell it and split the proceeds with them. some were caught on tape. they claim this happens a lot. it happens a lot as the drug officers themselves. >> and why is that happening? is it the culture that they live in and they become involved? that they don't know how to separate it? >> they could get involved because you do run up on a lot of money and no one is there to watch you. >> reporter: the police union says that the public should not be quick to judge. >> these officers, they deserve their day in court. >> the attorneys insist that the case is weak and that they will not be making any deals and that they are confident the jury will find them not guilty.
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in san francisco, linda yee, kpix 5. >> reporter: they will be back in federal court next month. breaking news in russia this morning. they have now gone permission to use the military in ukraine as he says it is necessary to protect russians and military personnel at a russian base on the peninsula. armed men who may be the russian troops already control some government buildings, broadcasting channels and several airports. president obama is warning russia that there will be costs for any military intervention, which may soon be underway. >> the united states will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. and the russian partners will stop provoking resistance in
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ukraine. well before you buy another thing at mall, what they discovered that you never knew about the power of haggling. remember you can check it any time with doppler on we'll be right back. ,,
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cost of health care reform its customers. patrons must pay an "affordable care act a restaurant chain in florida is passing on costs to their customers. they must pay an affordable care surcharge, costing about 1% of a meal. the restaurant chain says they will rack up as they provide employees with health insurance coverage under obama care. >> a lot of them offer price matching. >> but department stores, they are also willing to bargain on stuff that never goes on sale.
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well, we discovered that you can more often than you think. at nordstrom we got a bottle of the perfume for $37. and that they could have gotten the pumps for $49 if they were in stock. >> so when you see a price on the ticket, don't think it's the final price because it's not. >> they run the shop and they say that more and more upscale stores are price matching, even if they don't advertise it. the trick is showing proof that you can buy the same item for less somewhere else, something you can do with the google search, but you have to be smart about how you haggle.
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>> reporter: you want to be pow lite about it. >> if at first you don't succeed, ask for a manager that it would work for us. in fact we were successful in about 50% in our negotiations. now it's not fern. >> and that is just not it. >> reporter: but it is a strategy that could pay off. >> reporter: so they are willing to meet the competitor pricing on similar items that it will be price matching, but only on the identical items, which excludes the fragrances and fine jewelry. >> i had no idea. >> me neither. >> get it time. winter has been rough on the ski resorts for the latest storm to help bring the fresh powder. and it is since wednesday night with another foot that is expected by the end of today. >> it is exciting and it is finally here, brian. >> yes, it is a real kind of weird system here on the low
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latitude thing meaning it didn't come from the gulf of alaska that it is right on the shoreline and it is just heading through east and it is pretty impressive looking for the rainfall amounts about a third of an inch, a little bit more up top which is coming from the south to the north and the heavier cells of the early saturday morning. you can see because of that direction by the time they get from down here up through the peninsula, a lot has been squeezed out over 17 along the shoreline. you can see just north of san jose that there is not too much and still we'll be looking for scattered shower this is morning and the heaviest stuff that will be south and the temperatures this morning are on the milder side as you can see the peeks in blue as we look live. temperatures are in the mid- 50s, 54 degrees. morning showers which will be down south with a chance of
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showers right through the evening with on again and off again stuff that will favor the closer you are to the coast and the farther south. that's the greater events and where they will fall. if you go shoreline, we have a high surf advisory for surfers up to 20 feet. that is posted until 3:00 this afternoon. this is the impressive low pressure system, heading a little bit south, forecasting over santa barbara by 4:00 this afternoon, so they will get pounded down there. all in the last 24 hours, which is a lot for southern california. the problem is that you store all the water up here, they use it all. if it rains down there, they're watering their lawns, but at least they are not using too
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much water as usual. you can see we get good cells moving on in. so at that time we will be looking at scattered showers over the peninsula and some clearing in the north bay and you can see the on again and off again clouds popping up, a few showers from time to time. on the future cast you can see that the rain will be on the order of a 10th to a third of an inch, notice in santa cruz about half of an inch will do it. tomorrow will be in the low to mid-60s and the extended forecast to continue a bit unsettled with temperatures warming into the upper 60s by tuesday and a chance of showers on again and off again and another little shot that will be coming through on wednesday. but that it will do it for you. after we show you this storm,
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it won't be too much. and so enjoy it while you can. >> hopefully they will keep them coming. >> yes, we will see. >> all right, thank you very much. starting in april, you'll be paying more. first it goes up by $1 in 2018. the toll hikes are expected to raise over $108 over the next five years. when you think this, you may think why. i think something else. where is roberta? on kpix5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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more popular among tourists bay area locals. but there's another premier destination event happenings weekend.... and that's where we find roberta. there's another event happening this weekend where we find roberta. >> all right, it is time to show you where she is this week as we will bring you to the marathon as we are right here in the north bay in wine country for our 36th annual kaiserpermanente marathon. >> this marathon consistents of 2,500 athletes running 26.2 miles through wine country and
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embraced by the whole community. >> yeah, baby! >> reporter: with over 650 marathons held across the country each year, what makes this marathon one of the best? >> the course is fabulous and it is just a well-run marathon. >> reporter: meet john coleman. he has complete over 200 marathons -- completed over 200 marathons including the napa marathon three times. now he gives back. >> my wife makes differeflavors of sorbets. it's a little sugar in them, so it's refreshing. >> reporter: one of the favorite parts of the marathon is the trail. >> what's the best part? >> that it is a very good course for someone that likes to feel and appreciate the surroundings. >> what is unusual about this marathon? >> runners for women and men each receiving their weight in
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wine. >> the race is on sunday at 7:00 a.m., so come on out and support the runners. until then everyone, have a great weekend. >> for more details, check out >> almost all the students are the first to go to college as some do it all alone. teaching a child to become a leader is very important in today's society and that is what happens to this week's students rising above. >> reporter: he reads from a script from the black history month assembly. >> let's start today by making a change and define these stereotypes. >> reporter: but there is no script for what he is trying to do in his own life. he has a charm, but breaks down
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the barriers. >> reporter: it's one of the few at the schools who know how hard it's been for them to do so well. >> and what would it be like to go to the university, like how can i do it? that it is about to become a reality? it is just amazing to me that it is not their role. >> reporter: he breaks the stereotypes, but the determination will come from facing some of those very same stereotypes at home, telling no one that his father was in and out of jail. >> telling everyone that my father is in jail because it hurt me and for my friends to know that they could bring it up at any time and it would hurt them. >> reporter: and one time during an argument with his dad, the mom called the police as the father left the family.
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>> one time she was like how do i pay for my rent or that my pg&e was higher. >> only about 30% of the black fathers live in the homes. but the research for the centers for disease control and a few institutes show that in house or not, black fathers are just as likely to be involved with their kids as other dads. >> reporter: his mom became his role model as he gave her a shout out at the assembly. >> i want to appreciate her right now. thank you. >> reporter: mom was too shy to talk on camera, but clearly touched. she's also the reason why he got a job when he was 15 1/2, working 16 hours a week to help her out. >> sometimes i just give her money. she's like what is this? i said it is for you, whatever bill you want to spend it towards, it's for you. >> reporter: to get to a university, he has had to break new ground.
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something as basic as homework is a challenge. >> when i was at home, there was no one i could look up to, i had to do it my own, i had to be independent. >> there's an amazing strength there, it's magic apparently and leadership. >> oh he's the captain of the basketball team too. >> i'm really proud of myself. it was not easy at all, i pushed through it, i strived. >> to find out how you can help kids like him go to college, go to a same storm popping over the bay is popping up for evaluations over parts of southern california. forcing families to flee their homes. and rocking the bay area
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beaches. how their presence could pose a danger to beach goers. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ it takes two to make it outta sight ♪ ♪ ♪ it takes two to make a thing go right ♪ ♪ ♪ it takes two to make it outta sight ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] only yoplait light and yoplait greek 100 are endorsed by weight watchers. so many delicious flavors that taste outta sight.
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march 1st. it's just about _ _ _. good morning, i'm mark kelly. i'm anne makovec. welcome back to this saturday march 1 as it is just about 7:30 in the morning. good morning i'm mark kelly. >> thanks for joining us.
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>> let's take a look at rain this morning as we still have rain in some parts of the bay area. here are live pictures of the bay bridge this morning. some clouds out there, but it looks like no rain coming down in the city right now. of course it was tough toes cape the rain and the city yesterday and the constant downpours getting many people off the streets. downtown reported a little over an inch of rain yesterday. and parts of the valley turned into a lake as cars were stopped in their tracks and this is highway 101 a common spot for flooding when the high tides come in. it is a low lying area that will show you the strong run- offs and high tides. we are here to tell you when they will get out of our neck of the woods. >> not any time soon. the strongest stuff is down the coastline as you can see it is unusually powerful, just off the coast, as you can see it here coming from the south. that will produce showers off
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and on again today. then we will be pounded over the next 60 minutes by the time they make their bay area here. so you can see the strong cells on 17. and they will be moving 15 miles, nothing left. but look at the storms coming off the spine of the skyline boulevard, working their way up west. over the mountain tops towards the reservoirs, you'll get the very strong cells. there is just a drizzle left down on the peninsula, getting more of the action this morning, some light rain at this hour being scattered over the north bay as we'll have the complete weather forecast, but looks like an unsettled area.
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it is more than over the last three years. people are being forced out of their homes. >> the few remaining residents that have stayed behind on their drive is heading out tonight as the rain continues to come down. >> they are here to help you and with everything. >> reporter: they have evacuated this evening, their son stayed behind. >> the forecast is suppose to be more rain over the weekend and that it is a possibility of the mud and water to go up to six feet. >> reporter: as it stands now, the water has covered their backyard and their driveway and the thick mud and the debris trail that runs all the way to the streets. and that their neighbors are
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dealing with the same issue. >> i was told by the police department if they didn't leave to do that rescue that it would be a recovery, not a rescue. , the homeowner trying everything, even the kitchen table. tonight firefighters are working overtime to try to keep the slide from making their way inside. >> and there is nothing that you could do as we already have four feet of mud in there and this is just a light rain and a debris feel. >> that you might be going down to the local hotel area or neighbor and on my mom's place. and that they have stopped for now, but it doesn't mean that it will start up later tonight. >> that was bobby reporting, as you can track the rain here any time. all on a gunman walked inside a restaurant, shot a man, and walked out. officers got a call about 1:15 this morning from pa's restaurant on b street.
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when they arrived, they found a man shot silver times as he is now at general hospital. the shooter though, he is still on the loose, oakland police are looking for suspects who put a brick on the accelerator and left the vehicle going. it happened last night as you're looking at the aftermath. turns out the white suv hit several parked cars before crashing into the garage of the home. >> i heard the bang and i felt it and that is what woke me up. and then, you know, i woke up and thought it was an earthquake at first, but obviously not. >> reporter: they were able to get out safely as the suv hit the main utility line, rupturing the gas line as firefighters had to evacuate the homes as they secured the
7:34 am
lines. breaking news they now have permission from the parliament to use the military in ukraine as it is necessary to protect russians and military personnel on the peninsula, urging them not to travel to ukraine, that they may be deployed now controlling several governments, including the parliaments, channels, and three airports. they loosely refer it to the territory of ukraine rather than specifically, raising the possibility that they could use the military force and other speaking areas. new this morning a san jose firefighter accused of dealing drugs will not face any additional charges of the alleged underage sex. the 53-year-old is still facing three felony counts after he allegedly sold meth to the police officers. but they decided not tonight
7:35 am
charges relating to the alleged sexual acts between them and the 17-year-old boy. show us your hands, police yelled as they moved towards with their guns drawn as they did not know if the suspect was still alive as he wasn't. the crash was large enough to wake up the neighbors. >> i heard a loud bang. >> reporter: he stole the nissan titan from the gated community, two brothers in their 20s, removing the furniture into their parents house. >> they heard it start and they looked out their front window and saw the vehicle being driven away. >> reporter: the brothers followed him and then found
7:36 am
this. we talked off camera as they have no sympathy for the suspect, telling us he's not the victim, >> reporter: that man did not want to go to camera. in pittsburgh, kpix 5. the bay area fugitive on the most wanted terrorist list is now being featured nationwide. we have pictures along with a list of the crimes. and that is one near the bay bridge toll plaza there as he has managed to avoid capture for more than 10 years. also spotted in south america and europe, wanted in the bombings. it happened in august of 2003
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and the cooperation, which makes the supplements. a $250,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to the arrests. well happening today, shorelines are off limits in order to give birth. >> it is a very sensitive time for them as they show us that predators, they could be lurking in the water. >> reporter: at the national place, it's that time of the year when thousands of seals would start arriving to give birth to the next generation of the pups as they want to give them space. >> this is the time of the year that we would have a closure in the seashore, restricting canoes and the kayak use in several bodies of water in the park and it is because of the seals that are having what we call the puppy season. this group is not exactly buzzing yet. several of these are simply resting, staying warm and staying out of the water.
7:38 am
he says that the seals are playful and curious and keeping your distance isn't always easy. >> they will come right back up to the kayak. i've had one give an eskimo kiss right off the back of my kayak. >> the other one is the bay. and this has already moved on to the beach. we've seen them here take not necessarily the seals that i'm aware of for sure, but definitely the seals. >> they remind us that they are not defenseless, but that they are still wild animals with teeth and they know how to use
7:39 am
them. don ford, kpix 5. well robots, microscopes and french fries. how one woman uses them to help girls open their eyes to new possibilities. >> and how they say that you don't mess with the girl scouts. we'll be right back. ,,,, r over 60,000 california foster children, nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room.
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i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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brown wants to extend his hd on the state's top job. he filed paperwork you're looking live, showing pretty heavy cells coming over the mountains. elsewhere is the light rain coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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the state's top job. he filed paperwork yesterda nted fourth governor jerry brown wants to extend the hold as he's running for the unprecedented fourth term as they say if they do get re-elected that the priorities will be public safety, keeping the state's budget balanced, changing the way that schools are funded, also spoke to kelly who shows the drought that investing in new technology could help replace the water that mother nature is not providing.
7:43 am
that it will affect people not just in the united states, but the world. >> they also asked them why he is running again and brown had a direct answer because he simply likes the job. well, he made short work of a heckler asking about their plans to nuke russia. >> and the president went on to say that he thought happy hour started a little bit earlier. a peninsula woman has developed an innovative program for girls, which has become a model nationwide. >> she said she was turned down for the job because she was a woman, but the experiences inspired her to make a difference. >> the robots that they built.
7:44 am
analyzing fat in french fries. it is the taste of tech treks over the years. all founded by the women. >> one woman after the first one, i left a girl and picked up a young woman. while living on the college campus, a retired medical socialologist founded the educational program as a part of the american association of university women. they decided to study it after their experience. >> that was the first time that i ever knew that it was different under the microscope and it was really cool as she started the first camp here at university in 1998. and today that there are camps on seven other college campuses and in seven other states. >> i want them to come away
7:45 am
with that self-confidence that they could do anything that they set their mind to. and with a love of science, >> they say that it would empower her. >> it is so incredible to see it, like the role models to feel the warmth of people believing in me, not making me feel weird for liking this so much. >> the teacher credits their leadership for the success. >> she knew what to do and how to get organized and what had to be done in what order. >> reporter: the survey shows that the graduates, they are breaking barriers in the fields of the science, technology, engineering and math. >> and 96-point something were in college and 54% of them were majors. >> reporter: so for opening up their eyes to the science and math careers, this week's award in the bay area goes to marie.
7:46 am
sharon chin, kpix 5. the teachers nominate girls to apply for the programs. >> you can nominate your local hero online, you are all about that. >> yes, if i hear one more kid saying i want to go to film school, i will scream. [ laughter ] >> yeah, you hissed that one. but you want to find out how they work, that's a great way to go, so good for you. as we go outside this morning, kpix 5 that we have the scattered showers and thundershowers, unwinding right now with the robust southerly flow that will be ushered along with the low pressure that is being a big coastline right now, picking up more than four inches overnight and some of the mountains behind the
7:47 am
communities. boy you will have an epic trek in skyline right now with a few good showers elsewhere around the bay area this morning and it is mostly just drizzle. created by the low pressure offshore, so it will be mild and it is fairly robust for that direction as winds are gusting with the sustained winds on out of the east at 11:00. they have winds about 14 miles an hour. here is how it looks for rain over the last 24 hours, the actual town. almost an inch of rain, which is not bad. the high surf advisory posted until 3:00 this afternoon, up to 20 feet. so if you are headed to the shoreline, have a care. this is where it is all coming from, the very impressive low
7:48 am
pressure center, the big coastline to head south and east and to come over santa barbara county. as it does, you can see the flow is in this direction as we will continue to unwind the showers over the bay area over the next six hours or so. this is a model -- a model of what they will do so you can see that they still have scattered showers around and still favoring the south bay, slick streets, not a huge deal unless you are headed to the mountains. and the chance through this evening and a few stray showers for sunday, but the general trend is the low pressure for things to ease up.
7:49 am
the forecast highs, just mid- 60s today, very mild. and after an unsettled sunday with fewer showers tomorrow than what we get today, we'll be looking at partly cloudy skies with a chance coming on monday, but not too much on the way. >> what kind of a dent are we talking about in the drought? >> not much. we'll take what we can get as it is falling and washes out to the ocean. it will be a big way, but it will not help too much. >> that's right. >> yes, thank you. >> all right, you're going to like this. now to the odd stories that you might have missed this past week. it's a segment that we would like to call. >> we're going to begin in san diego where a man was arrested for stealing from two girl scouts, who does that? the video getting chased down by cops as the man stole the
7:50 am
donation jar from girl scouts, as they had $45 in it and the money was for troops overseas. i mean really? it is for the troops overseas and from girl scouts. how evil could you be? and officers arrested him on different charges and of course, cameras were rolling as they got the last laugh when officers showed them the rather embarrassing arrest. >> hopefully they make a lot of money. >> all right this really happens, it makes me sick to my stomach. >> a man declared dead wakes up kicking inside the body bag. they thought he died last wednesday in the home. the coroner even took a pulse, pronouncing him dead as workers at the funeral home were getting ready to take on the body and he started kicking. he was then rushed to the hospital as the coroner believes that the pacemaker may have stop working and then started up again. >> i mean can you imagine being the guy who was witnessing the kicking going on from the body
7:51 am
bag? >> that is a little uneasy. >> it's terrifying. a man is out $85,000 for a facebook post. the contract wasn't renewed, so he sued and won $80,000, but was suppose to keep it confidential a part of the deal. he did, but the daughter did not as she posted on facebook, "mama and papa won the case, now the school is officially paying for my vacation to europe this summer." just like that the money was taken away for violating the confidentiality clause. >> and we know that we are so used to posting everything today. >> yes, especially college students. >> looks like she will be working this summer. no european vacation for her. >> yeah. >> and that is again, it really happened. >> that'll be great, returning to madison square garden for the first time since the game last year. now what did he do for the encore? we'll tell you coming up in sports. ,,
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more look at today's top stories... it was about a year ago when they officially dropped 54 points at madison square gardens as they returned to the world's most famous arena. he is not the only scorer, but score 62 in a game in january. the first quarter, finding thompson for the one of their 11th assists, up by nine. before getting off to o'neil for the layup and the foul, up by 13. he showed off hitting five three points for 27. the warriors scored 73 in the first half and rolled to a 126- 103 win. starting in goal for buffalo after trading ryan miller right before the game, despite being
7:55 am
surrounded, tieing the game at one. they get the goal putting them ahead 2-1 as they go on to win and that it won't be the new face of major league baseball. he fell about 2% short from the face of the finals, losing to the mets. and a final note for you, resigning with the raiders as he will be back with the silver and black next season. that's sports. and coming up, we have one more look at this morning's top stories. stick around. ,,,,,,
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putin has approval to use military force in ukraine. welcome back, trending this morning. he has approval to use the military force in ukraine, which is breaking news this morning. los angeles and rain prompt add brief tornado warning early this morning. also trending, rumors has it that she is engaged to ashton
7:57 am
kutcher and happy birthday to justin bieber today as the singer is 20 years old. mardi gras and fat tuesday, it is on march 4. you can follow us on twitter on cbssf. a little bit more rain on the way? >> yes, especially down south and if you are headed down to the santa cruz as it is really coming down the mountains. elsewhere the sun is trying to breakthrough, a few bright spots on out there. so look for the rain down south with a few light showers elsewhere and temperatures are in the mid-60s, but look ahead, unsettled tomorrow and then the next chance of rain is coming into the bay area mid-week by wednesday, so this weekend looks unsettled and this morning looks to be pretty spectacular down the south. for us, we'll have a few showers and like i said, a little bit of a drying spell. >> anyone could avoid the rain today? >> no, not too much. >> all right, thank you. we'll be back tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. enjoy your saturday. >> bye. ,,
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